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  • An illustrated sticker featuring a dark blue starlit background with an image of two women looking to the right in the centre which seems as though it's glowing, accompanied by three constellations: Gemini, Taurus and Cancer
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Zodiac Sticker - Gemini - Illustrated Cosmic Stars

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The zodiac series will make all birthdays stellar! Ethereal-looking and cosmic, each sticker has an illustration of the featured zodiac accompanied by three constellations: its own, plus the constellations of the zodiacs preceding and following it. Gemini's additional constellations are Taurus and Cancer.

This is a single sticker made from heavy duty, weather and scratch-resistant vinyl with a matte finish. It holds up to wear and tear of daily life and the dishwasher. The maximum sticker length is 3 inches. Each sticker comes mounted on a fun backing card that measures 3.5x5 inches.