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  • This greeting card features a chocolate and vanilla soft serve ice cream twist. The two flavors have arms and are hugging. The words "I Love you Un-cone-ditionally" appear at the bottom. The card is placed on a brown kraft envelope.
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I Love You Un-Cone-Ditionally - Illustrated Funny Love Card

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Do you love ice cream? Do you love to spread this love with everyone? Chances are, both the answers are a resounding Yes! And, here's a beautifully designed card to celebrate your love for ice cream and each other!

The I Love You Un-Cone-Ditionally card applauds the yin and yang relationship but with ice creams. The chocolate and vanilla wrap each other in comfort, reminding us to hold each other dear and sharing our mutual love for ice cream. It comes in a 100% PCW recycled paper and envelope and it's always ready to bring a smile.

Spread love, un-cone-ditionally. Get yours today!

Size: A2 - 4.25 x 5.5 inches 
Card Paper: 100% PCW recycled paper 
Envelope: 100% recycled (at least 20% PCW) 

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My partner and I love ice cream... and puns. I will give this to him for valentine's day!