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Famous Animals - Illustrated Funny Everyday Cards Box Set

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This box set of 8 cards features one each of the following illustrations: Leopardo da Vinvi, Vincent van Gopher, Frida Cowlo, Henri Mantisse, Pablo Pic-ass-o, Jackson Bullock, Andy Warthog, and Keith Herring.

These illustrations are part of a series of illustrations named Famous Animals in History. A little back story: a friend who is an art professor, messaged Krishna while she was grading art history tests, one of the students misspelled van Gogh. Her message read "Vincent van Gogh...Vincent van Goph...VINCENT VAN GOPHER!! Make it happen." And so, Krishna did, along with a few others. 

Card Details: 
Size: A2 - 4.25 x 5.5 inches 
Card Paper: 100% PCW recycled paper 
Envelope: 100% recycled (at least 20% PCW) 
Kraft Box: made from recycled content 


Customer Reviews

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Punny fun :-)

I have always loved Nanu design's sense of humor and now I can have the collection in this note card set :-)