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  • Illustrated love and friendship greeting card featuring lots of yellow, orange, and creamy cheese chunks and wedges. The words at the top say “i love cheese. cheese is life.” Added underneath the phrase in red lettering, are the words “and you” and “and you are” so the final phrase says “i love cheese and you. Cheese and you are life”.
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Cheese is Life - Illustrated Funny Love Friendship Card

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Calling all cheddar lovers in a clandestine affair with brie. When you want a cheesy way to express how much you care, this greeting card’s the pun one guaranteed to make them burst out laughing when they open it.

You love cheese. You love your person. They’ll never have to know you love mozzarella just a little bit more.

Online images simply can’t do the quality of the card stock and colors justice. You won’t find anything quite this witty in the drugstore card aisle, so your loves ones will know you went the extra mile to make them smile.

Pro tip: Pairs well with a bottle of Merlot ;)


Size: A2 - 4.25 x 5.5 inches 
Card Paper: 100% PCW recycled paper 
Envelope: 100% recycled (at least 20% PCW)

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